Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Week in Review

Things have been super busy around here
so we have not had much time to take pictures
or update the blog.
Here is what we've been up to this last week, enjoy!

Wednesday was Western Night at WNKOF
Here is a picture of my lil' cow pokes
all dolled up in there western gear.
The kids always have a lot of fun.
Micah has decided to be in the children's choir this year.
I am sure there will be some exciting performances
in the coming year!

Asa is finally able to sit pretty well all by himself.
We had a bit of a delay after his accident
because (A) I did not want to put him down and
(B) I would not let him fall.
So A + B = C
(C) Asa always assumed someone would catch him
and would dive at anything he saw
He is doing very well sitting now
and loves to sit and play his piano just like Wally.

Here is Asa and Wally enjoying their bomb pops.
Asa has been a bit cranky this week

and has been battling ear infections.

If you have not met Wally yet,

he is the international student that we have

the opportunity to host this year.

He has been a very good big brother to our crew.

We have been quite surprised.

I think we really just expected him to sleep,

eat, go to school, and study.

But, on the contrary, he plays with our kids a lot

and is really quite helpful and you might even say

protective of the kiddos.

(Like when Lily is about to fall off of the chair she is standing on

or Asa pukes in his bed and we don't know it)

I guess God knew we needed an extra set of hands around here :)

Grandma Peanuts (Geoff's mom)

used to pray with the kids when they spent the night

and she would ask God to let all the angels protect them...

"especially Wally"...

I think that is kind of ironic, eh?

Except, I think Grandma Peanut's "Wally"

was supposed to be a fish.

Oh well!

We are just hoping Wally can survive

a whole school year in our house.

It's pretty crazy around here!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angie Johnson said...

Wally, angels, and prayer history: when I was a young girl and spent the night at my cousin, Bonnie's, her dad, my Uncle Andy, would kiss us good night and pray over us: "God bless you and watch over you and may all his angels protect you." The memory stayed with me and was activated when my first grandson, Austin, was hospitalized soon after birth. I decided that Austin needed a guardian angel statue and I involved everyone in the family to help name Austin'special angel. Austin's dad (my son, Rick) came up with Wally after the fish, the walleye. Soon after I would pray over Austin: "God bless you and watch over you and may all his angels protect you, especially Wally." I continued the practice with Geoff's kids. I decided Angel Wally was all my grandchildren's special angel especially during infancy. Of course, it follows suite that Wally arrived at Geoff and Cathy's this school year! From the sunds of his involvement with the kids he is doing just what God expects of him!
Grandma Peanut Ask Geoff and Cathy how I got that name!