Monday, February 9, 2009

Asa, my first year, in review

Wow, I am 1 year old now!
Look at all the fun I've had!

Mommy and me on our way to the hospital!
She sure was ready to meet me!

Here I am, Asa Daniel, 9lbs 6oz

My visit to the nicu,
the doctor said I had fluid on my lungs,
but I got better very fast.

My big bro, Micah, holding me when I first came home

Mommy checking me out

Here I am flirting with mommy when I was 1 month old

Mommy said I had sweet cheeks at 3 months

I did not like tummy time much, but it sure did make me strong!

Here is something I did like, learning to eat!
(except that one day...)

I learned to sit by myself. My sisters helped a lot,
they did not want me to fall and bonk my head again.

I learned to crawl, then I got to see lots more cool stuff!

My first ice cream cone,
Jiffy Treet of course!

I got big enough to have my own tub baths.
I'm a pretty good swimmer!

We had lots of fun in the fall!

Mommy made me sit in this pumpkin,
but she gave me some m&m's

I got to go trick or treating


Christmas was fun!
I got to give people presents
and open presents

We learned about the birth of Jesus

...and candy canes

we celebrated lots of birthdays

and I even got to have one!
I can't wait to see what happens this next year.

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