Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Buckin' the Bunny?

A Blast from Easter Past!

So Easter is this weekend, and I have not yet been Easter shopping. I have been procrastinating this and hearing my kids chatter about the jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and washcloths (don't ask) the Easter Bunny will bring does not motivate me to go drop a fortune on candy and junk to fill their Easter baskets. Why do I have to pretend there is an Easter Bunny? I have never told them there is an Easter Bunny or a Santa Clause (it's those Grandparents of theirs!) Well this year I was thinking of doing something different, but I need ideas and opinions, I do not want to deprive my children of the joys of childhood. So here goes "Am I a bad mom if..." I don't get my kids an Easter basket? I was thinking that Easter morning I could give them each a balloon and an invitation to an Easter Celebration, that we would have after Sunday nap time of course. We could play games, talk about why we celebrate Easter, eat lots of candy, watch a movie, maybe give the kids a gift they could share, spend time as a family celebrating the resurrection. So please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, or your own family traditions with me. I would love to hear them!

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Aaron and Ella Patton said...

Hey Cathy! I was so excited to see a comment from you guys on our blog so that I could check out your blog! I'll bet we wouldn't recognize your kiddies- they grow so fast! I can TOTALLY understand the Easter predicament. I have done Easter baskets the past two years, but I make sure that the primary focus of the basket is Christ. I even found a book that gives an explanation that the eggs represent Christ "breaking out" of the tomb. It's a stretch, but it made it a little easier to justify them. I also give Eli books about the Resurrection. When he's older, there are recipes for cookies that you put in the oven overnight, craft activities, etc. I'll bet if you google Easter activities for kids, you'll get lots of great ideas!