Monday, March 10, 2008

Welcome to our new Blog!

Asa Daniel Johnson is one month old!I weighed 12lbs 6oz at my doctors appt today

I was supposed to take a much needed nap today after Asa's doctors appointment, unfortunatley I drank waaaay to much caffiene at lunch today so I am just laying here tired, bored, unable to fall asleep, but soooo thankful for some quiet time! I decided to update our outdated blog (aka johnson family of 5 and how we survive...with one bathroom) which no longer made any sense because we have more than 100 fingers and toes (Micah counted them tens...yep...120) we are no longer a family of five and we have more than one bathroom (two more things I am very thankful for!) So welcome to our blog!


The Brown family said...

Yes, something else I can do during naptime...check in with you and the crew! The pic of Asa is great!!

the Rinehart family said... excited to find your new and improved blog! hope all is well. and congrats on the new bundle!