Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 Things...

Oh the pressure! OK Jaime, here are my 10 things you do not know about me that I CAN post on my blog. Better late than never!

1. I was voted "class flirt" in high school. I am not sure how that happened since I was totally shy, but most of my friends were guys.

2. In elementary school I tripped in a pot hole and broke both of my wrists.

3. I did not like chocolate at all until I was pregnant with Micah. I even used to pick most of the chocolate off of my snickers bars.

4. I have a tattoo and it is not of a tree!

5. I almost dropped out of school to become an electrician.

6. I never finished my last class I needed to graduate college after Micah was born...it was a psychology class in child development.

7. If I was not wearing my contacts or glasses I would not be able to read a stop sign!

8. When I was little I had a recurring nightmare that I was kidnapped by pirates. Micah loves pirates, he has a pirate room, and when Asa was born (for a brief moment while they were sowing me back up) I thought he only had 1 eyeball and worried Micah would be jealous if Asa got to wear a real eye patch. It turns out he just has fat cheeks!

9. When I was in college at IU I had to spend a night in jail with 5 drunk sorority girls and a scary townie lady.

10. 5 years ago Geoff and I agreed that getting divorced might be the best thing for us. We tried going to secular counceling, but things never got any better. Then we were led to Faith. Geoff became a christian and we both learned a lot about God's plan for marriage and our lives. By His grace, He has changed our marriage and our lives in amazing ways, but we still have A LOT of growing to do.

11. Bonus fact! I still have to check and make sure all of my children are breathing before I go to bed.

So, did you learn anything new?

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Amy said...

I was coming to your blog to let you know that I updated mine! I am totally dressing up as a pirate for our Halloween Party in the fall! I think Mia would look very cute with an eyepatch!