Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never a dull moment

My mom watched the 3 older kids for us Saturday night
so that we could go out to dinner and to a friends birthday party.
It was a nice evening, we had a lot of fun with friends, but made sure
to still be in bed by 11:30 pm because we were supposed to serve in
the nursery at church the next morning. But I should have known with the way
things have been going around here that the peace and quiet would not
last long. I was jolted awake at 3:00 am to the sound of Geoff's
"Kung-fu"ring tone, I answer the phone only to here my mom say
"Micah's having a hard time breathing, I am taking him to the ER" click...
FYI, my mom lives an hour away.
Micah was diagnosed with asthma about a year ago,
but has never had an asthma attack.
He just has had a slight wheeze at times when he was sick
and occasionally has a cough at night.
So, of course, I had forgotten to pack his inhaler.
I had however remembered to pack it up with his stuff for soccer camp
that was starting on Monday though.

So at 3:10 am we were on our way to Kokomo.
We talked to my mom on the way to get more details,
and she assured us he was going go to be OK.
By the time we got there Micah's big concern was
whether or not he would have to go home with us or
get to go back to grandma's.

We are very thankful that he was alright. We let Micah go back to grandma's house and headed back to Lafayette and were back in bed by 5:30, and yes we did manage to make it to the nursery the next day. Barely. We were out of Coffee!

So here are some interesting facts for you:

Last time my kids spent the night at my parents house, it was my dad who ended up in the emergency room. He went to return a video and got t-boned on us 31 and ejected 20 ft from his vehicle. Thankfully he too was OK. No major injuries not even a broken bone. Not sure that my parents are going to want to watch my kids over night any more though.

Asa's name means "healer" or "physician" so when he was born we joked with the doctor and anesthesiologist that he would be a doctor when he grows up. He is already becoming quite familiar with the emergency rooms. He has made 4 trips to the ER in his 4 months outside the womb (thankfully he was not the patient on any of them).

We made 3 trips to Kokomo and back in a 24 hour period. So that means we spent around $60 just in gas. And I thought hiring a babysitter for 4 kids would be too expensive!

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Michael, Abbey, Maya, Preston, and of course Elvis too said...

Hope you dont forget the inhaler on vacation or Micah will end up at the Ho-Chunk medicine man for treatment or being treated by a nimrod doctor