Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, we just got back from our family vacation
to the Northwoods of Wisconsin
(for those of you who don't know, that is where the hodags live)
...Go Hodags!
The kids did really well on the way up despite the 11 hour drive
and Geoff NOT getting lost twice ;)
Micah really enjoyed fishing this year and talked non-stop,
asking plenty of questions.
Gabi loved fishing too, Lily not so much.
Besides fishing, the kids had lots of fun
with their grandparents and cousins.
We visited a local wildlife park, did some shopping,
and ate lots of ice cream.
We found it very difficult to take pictures of our adventures,
with four kiddos there is just never a free hand!
Maybe next year Lily can be our photographer.
Uncle Mikey took some pictures you can see on his blog

The trip home went well too.
We decided not to drive straight through on the way home
So we stopped just north of Milwaukee in West Bend
at a Country Inn and Suites
It was nice, I love hotels that include breakfast.
After we went swimming in the pool
and were figuring out our dinner plans,
I noticed a suspicious pair of pants under the chair.
They were obviously stragglers from a previous guest, YUCK!
We mentioned it to the front desk
and they graciously let us switch rooms
to the king size suite (I mean SWEET!) next door with the jacuzzi tub.

Asa missed out on all the yummy vacation treats,
but, now that we are home, we have started Asa on cereal.

As you can see he did pretty well,

guess you don't have to teach a Johnson how to eat!

He was helping mommy by the third bite.

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Michael, Abbey, Maya, Preston, and of course Elvis too said...

Asa should be ready for some beef and potatoes by his daddies birthday....