Friday, July 4, 2008


I am not a crafty,

but I was brave and went to sewing night at Jaime's house.

She was very kind to let me use her machine.

I was sure I would break it since my only sewing experience

was in jr high home ec. I think I fared OK.

I at least finished my bag and it only took 6 hours!

Thanks Jaime, Amy, and Jodi

for your patience.

Here is the pirate bag I made for Asa

I think he likes it and it fits him perfectly!

( yes, I already know I am a dork!)


Michael, Abbey, Maya, Preston, and of course Elvis too said...

I think you went slow making your bag so you didnt have to go home to Geof and the kids. Glad you enjoyed a mommies night out and the bag looks nice. O ya and you have always been a dork, just sometimes you fly your flag higher than other times.

Jodi said...

Anytime....thanks for letting me help you. Your bag looks great.